ATELIER MEDICINE WHEEL (En aglais seulement)
Atelier disponible en français sur réservation.

The concept of Anishnabe Traditional Teachings is all encompassed in the Medicine Wheel teachings.  A two-day hands on workshop is being offered at Hawks Trading Post.  Participants will be able to learn from experienced Elders, ceremonial people the philosophy of the medicine wheel, an ancient teaching tool use by our ancestors to teach world history, psychology, sociology and the seven gifts of the grandfathers.  Participants will be provided with all material to create their own medicine wheel while they journey into an understanding of our way of life and our belief system.

The two-day workshop will be filled with sharing, interaction, creativity and meditation.  Medicine will be used and participants will be taught focusing methods visualization and connection to their own spirit.

If participants wish, they can spend the night and sleep in the great hall.  In addition meals and snacks will be provided for the two days.

A participation fee of $200.00 per person for two days will cover the cost of material required to make a personal medicine wheel.  Meals for two days and will offset the cost of honorarium for Elders and workshop facilitators as well as drummers and helpers.

Workshops will begin at 9:00 am and finish around suppertime.  There will be a traditional feast offered on the second day with a blind-give-away.

A blind-give-away is a concept of gift giving where no one knows whom he or she receives a gift from.  All participants are asked to bring a small gift in a plain brown paper bag with no decoration or markings or names. 
This gift can be something that you’ve had for :

  • a long time that no longer serves any purpose,
  • something that may cause you painful memories.
  • a gift you wish to recycle,
  • or a small token of appreciation.

With this exercise one will learn the true meaning of gift giving and receiving.

If you wish to spend the night, please bring your sleeping bag and pillow and keep in mind that Hawks is a business that is open until midnight.  A group facilitator will stay with those who wish to spend the night.

Dress comfortably and bring an open mind and spirit.

To register please call us at (819) 441-1673
or you can download by clicking here :
Fill out the form and send it via e-mail :
Please select one of the two weekends indicated and confirm your participation by pre-registering and sending a money order or certified cheque to:

                    Hawks Trading Post
                    276 Kichi Mikan
                    Maniwaki, Quebec
                    J9E 3B1


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