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Chris Wabie

My name is Chris Wabie, a proud Algonquin Anishnabe.

Born in Toronto Ontario, my spirit from Timiskaming First Nations.

My journey, to begin from the teachings of both worlds, and my moccassin trail to leave behind my work. Presently residing Kitigan Zibi Anishnabeg.

I have been an artist since a young age, in many ways, observations, comprehension of what I my eyes could see around me. I was an active academic in the art school, where I learned that I can make a difference in this world doing what I love doing. White Mountain Academy of the arts in Elliot Lake for five year, my world changed, I open my imagination to all the artists, the history of our people, I was amazed that there is so many skilled people, educated people that share their knowledge, documentaries, books to feed my mind and study who I am, as a person, as an Indian, as an artist.

Not knowing about diversity of Traditional First Nation Artists is where I got most of my influences, teachings, then I began to paint and do sculptures. I then mastered Birch Bark Canoe making, I make two a year, it takes about tree months to make two. Once the Canoe season is done, I hibernate, dream, and then I paint, work on sculpture and travel.

My art pieces are collected all over the world, my most treasured and most recent accomplishment is Nanabush Playing Cards, a Indian set of cards, fifty nine paintings that became a deck of cards.

I am focusing on continuing to make art about everything that has influenced me in my life, my journey tells the story, where my culture is, the center of its focus, painting the stories our Elders share.

Art is a healing journey, a walk about, talking without speaking, my senses that lead the way to explore Mother Earth.

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